What follows is a list, in no particular order, of things I’ve found entertaining over the last year or so. Updated regularly!

  • Biocomicals is a collection of science and research-related webcomics that make me go “d’aww” or shake my head in sad, sad agreement.
  • What Should We Call Med School is so accurate, bitter, judgy, and hilarious that it pretty much serves as a proxy for the lives of med students everywhere.
  • If you have an appreciation for oral history, or just plain like learning about other people’s lives, StoryCorps is an amazing resource that has thousands of brief interviews with people from across the country.
  • Who Named It is a fun website that presents biographies of those for whom medical eponyms are named. Given my medical history geekness, I think this is just great.
  • Want a website devoted to the history of medicine? Look no further than Wonders and Marvels! Also check out Random History. Along these lines, with an anthropological bent, is the Society Pages, which has some fascinating reads.

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