Versatile Blogger Award



Thank you to ItsNotWhatItsWhy for nominating me! I am honored.

Award Rules: 

Thank the person who nominated you
Share the award on your blog
Share seven random facts about yourself
Tag 15 fellow bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.

Seven random facts:

  1. I survived my first year of residency (whoo!)
  2. I now own the world’s weirdest piggy bank
  3. I have done Nanowrimo 3 years running, and am planning to win this year, too
  4. I have heard Billy Joel sing live from my apartment for the past 2 years
  5. Chocolate chip cookies are still my favorite
  6. Any cookie from Momofuku is also acceptable
  7. I recently joined a Facebook group called Dogspotting, and you should, too

Alas, my reading sphere is small (but mighty), and so here are 7 bloggers I would like to recognize as improving the quality of the blogosphere:

  1. The Weekly Sift
  2. Nursing Clio
  3. Kristin Lamb’s Blog
  4. The Chirugeon’s Apprentice
  5. The Daily Medical Examiner
  6. The Insatiable Traveler 
  7. Florida Behind the Scenes 




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