New novel: Watermark

Hi friends!

Just wanted to share the news that my longtime pet project, a novel called Watermark, is now on sale in the Amazon Kindle shop. If you’re interested in mermaids, quests, or a good old-fashioned YA read, think about checking this out.

Here’s the synopsis:

After a traumatic car accident, Luke Rendel returns home from college, trying to escape survivor’s guilt and piece his life together. But when he takes a job as the night guard at the town aquarium, he meets an enigmatic, mermaid-like creature named Urhoa trapped in a tank who claims that his grandfather owed her a debt–and it’s time for Luke to pay. As Luke searches for the pearl, mirror, and comb that will free her, he discovers that their worlds are more intertwined than he could have imagined. He must use what he learns to face monsters of the ocean and his inner demons, and keep his wits about him, for not everything is what it seems.


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