Less Roundup, more dandelion salads

I’m a huge fan of botanical diversity. I love the website, Eat the Weeds, because regardless of whether you buy conventional, organic, local, or whatever combination thereof, one thing that everyone practices is herbicide.

Yes, we’ve all been guilty of it. But in my opinion, killing weeds is kind of stupid because you are spending lots of money–which goes to well-known do-gooders like Monsanto–to kill the local plants that have best adapted to survive in your particular region and have many nutritional and medicinal properties that we do not yet fully understand. (It goes along with the argument that lawns are dumb because you pay a lot of money anduse a lot of gasoline and water to maintain grass that is oftentimes not native to the area.) Some might argue that crop agriculture gives you more for your buck, but I’d point out that given America’s continuing tango with obesity, we could all learn to eat foods with more fiber and less calories (putting aside the issue of processed foods, which are an entirely different rant/blog post).

Imagine if dandelion fritters and salads were more popular, or if we appreciated the tartness of wild strawberries, or if we ate wild pine nuts (if it’s good for squirrels, it’s probably good for us, too!). There are great books out there, like A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs, or Edible Wild Plants, that enable YOU, yes, you, to go out there and safely forage for delicious (and free) edibles.


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